About Rajkumari

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“Every Girl is a Princess in her own way", so with this vision we have started our beautiful work of creation named "Rajkumari - Dress Up Like A Princess”

What we are all about…

Rajkumari is an online Fashion & Lifestyle brand that combines a Lifestyle with a quintessential Youth-oriented Fashion. We came up with our exclusive range of beautiful n elegant dress material, we truly believe in being authentic to oneself and in the Easy Confidence that allows one to declare 'AS I AM'.

Timeless Quality...

We believe in creating the best of the products and we’re here to offer you the best of clothing and accessories. Right from sourcing the best fabric and trims to crafting these into beautiful styles. Trust is as important to us as it is to you. Our customer service team and personal stylists are always ready to ensure your shopping experience with us is smooth.

Affordable Smart Prices...

We have got the lowest prices that you’ll find around. Here at ‘Rajkumari’ we give a royal treatment to our customers.


From crop tops, party dresses to evening gowns, we have a clothing collection that will edge its way into your wardrobe.  

Tall or short, well-endowed or skinny, there is something for every lady out there. Get the perfect dress today.

With an extensive collection of designs, we are confident that you’d be able to find that perfect outfit at  ‘Rajkumari’ 


No outfit would be complete without the perfect accessories. The right jewellery will bring out the best in your outfit no matter what the style is. Take your look to a whole new level.

Embellish your wardrobe with iconic and stylish pieces today by ‘Rajkumari’.
So for Fashion and Lifestyle, contact us today and begin your fashion journey into a world of style. Join us, bookmark us, and experience us. Be inspired.